Sunday, August 9, 2009

January: Year-day 22

January: Year-day 22 (The next sonnet is another in this sequence that is politically charged. I make no apology for it, but it does remind me of a position I have long held: The separation of church and state/ is a fantasy. Still, I am simply presenting what I believe, and I am not attempting to test my right to speak freely. Besides, I could easily write more harshly/ about myself, and have.) This is a banner for the Red Rose Sect, for this is their day, the day the White House will be blessed with red roses that reject our allowing unborn humans to blouse in the air: bloody, mutilated ghosts damning us, that reject our stark presumption which treats these as/ mereparasitic hosts to kill as we please in our gross consumption. This is a banner. Wave it, wave it high, that it may crack the coldness in your eye which preserves your right as woman to choose when your body may abruptly deny lives as sacred as yours, pushing them by as if they are trash you can't wait to lose. -

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