Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1976 Today

1976 Today - 353 bicentennial year sonnets contents [last modified: 2008-09-21 ] notes about current 1976 version plus links - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In this presentation I have entitled each sonnet by month and year-day. I have done so because year-day has become more important to me than the commonly used month and date format. Over the years I have changed how I entitle the sonnets composing 1976 (the original title for the 366 sonnets in the original work) several times. - I have not attempted to group these sonnets by topic, but each one/ is a piece in the puzzle of who I am. Most of them were written in 1976, and because I wanted my work to be a celebration of the bicentennial of my USA, many of the sonnets are history-centered. Nonetheless, many others are confessional. Some of those are comically so. While there are situational, athletic, religious, political, philosophical, environmental, biographical, poetry-related, science-oriented, as well as sonnets on yet other topics or mixes of topics, the core topic is the human condition. If you would like to read my leap year sonnet, see February: Year-day 60 (February 29th). - When you happen into one you do not feel comfortable with, exit from it. - [ 2007-03-20: - The first of the 15 sonnets I removed, Year-day 2, is back in as a revised sonnet. Whenever a year-day without a sonnet gets a new/revised sonnet, I will note it on this page. B A J S ] - [ 2008-08-02: - Year-day 348 (December 13) is back in. ] - The following is an elsewhere publication list for individual sonnets from 1976 Today: February: Year-day 34 (February 3rd) If it's still there, it is at www.sonnets.org - March: Year-day 82 (March 22nd) (for Sandy Troedel) Spice of Life series article in West Bend News 1977 - March: Year-day 61 (March 1st) March: Year-day 69 (March 9th) May: Year-day 137 (May 16th) in River Bottom Vol. IV No. 2 Summer 1977 - April: Year-day 105 (April 14th) April: Year-day 106 (April 15th) April: Year-day 110 (April 19th) April: Year-day112 (April 21st) in Song 2 1977 - September: Year-day 248 (September 4th) in Ramada Regular Volume 6, Number 7 November 1980, p. 15 - November: Year-day 307 (November 2nd) in Poetry Out of Wisconsin V 1980 - December: Year-day 361 (December 26th) in The Sun a magazine of ideas issue 124 March 1986 -

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