Monday, August 10, 2009

February: Year-day 33

February: Year-day 33 Heroes and lollipops. How we want them/ pure/ in our moments of false nostalgia! No teeth-cracking boots to the groin, blood, phlegm; no bluffings beat when a wizard calls ya. Masters of our fates. Gods. Cold, human gods. To admire but not to imitate, placed so brightly above us even the odds blind our weak-eyed hopes of being so chaste. If Washington did lie, with women played; and, though love's thistles did prick Doris Day, Olympus is not by an earthquake shook. Sure, lollipops may be better than dope, and smoking despair won't help us taste hope; it's the human in heroes/ lets us look. -

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brian (baj) salchert said...

This was one of the x/r-rated sonnets.

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