Sunday, August 9, 2009

January: Year-day 17

January: Year-day 17 Ev'rybody likes me. Haa. Sure seems strange! I'm no one special. Just try to be fair. Still, much of my person is out of range for most. Something's hot in the West Bend air?! "Can you call the fire department?" "What's wrong?" "Gail's car is on fire!" "Where is it?" "Out front!" "Okay." Was only warming up. Too long? Red-hot manifold. Shouldn't. Civic punt. Ev'rybody likes me. I have/ a way with words. Sometimes words/ have a way with me. Sometimes my image-maker gets the runs. I'm no one special. Follow me a day. I'm a lot of specials. I told you. See. You didn't ring? Didn't pay a cent? Sons! -

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